Is Haggling Worth it?

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed an upwards trend in clients and prospects trying to negotiate a better price. It’s probably related to the economy, or it could be related to the increase in inquiries we have, but either way, it’s high-time we cut out a lot of stress for small businesses and a lot of headaches for us and share some insights on negotiating with services-based industries.


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Launch of Boomerang Websites

Because of the increase in business surrounding website creation and redesign, Boomerang Design and Marketing has developed interactive marketing into it’s own department.  Boomerang Websites is mostly responsible for website design and development for the same customer base: small businesses.  They will, however, work closely with the rest of Boomerang Design and Marketing to provide surrounding services such as Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, and Marketing for all of our small business clients.

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Dumbing Down is Just Stupid

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot of my clients talk about dumbing down their message for an advertising campaign. They cite that newspapers are written for a 4th grade reading level and use that as proof that the public is not sophisticated enough to comprehend what their trying to say. My response: It’s extremely short-sighted to think your consumers are idiots…

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Earth Hour Comes to Prince William County

Boomerang Design & Marketing has signed up as an official supporter of Earth Hour 2009.

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Marketing For Rough Times

Marketing can often be a tricky and expensive venture for many small businesses. If you’re not careful, it can consume vast amounts of time and money without bring in the return on investment to make it worthwhile. The problem with most marketing attempts by small business is not in the actual marketing methods being employed, but rather the implementation of them. We’ve come up with a few steps to refocus your marketing efforts and help renew your lead-generation.

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Beyond the Buzzwords: Web 2.0

Web 2.0 originally meant the second coming of the internet after the dot-com bubble burst, but has taken on new meaning as use of the internet has evolved. Currently, most refer to Web 2.0 as the user generated web. This includes any and all sites where content is created by members or users.

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Beyond the Buzzwords: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to improving your ranking among the natural listings on a search engine. Natural rankings are the listings typically found on the left side of a search result and are not based on advertising campaigns such as pay-per-click or impression-based campaigns (typically found on the right side of the page). The main objective to SEO is to increase the rank of your company’s listing when searching for certain keywords or phrases. Ideally you’d like to be listed first or at least on the first page of results, but how?

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