Monitor Your Company’s Social Media Impact

We’ve stumbled upon a great new application that helps to monitor what is being said about your company. Introducing Company Buzz. Company Buzz is a LinkedIn application that allows users to view what is being said about certain keywords from both LinkedIn and Twitter.


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Celebrate Google Voice

Google Voice has finally arrived! Google bought GrandCentral (a phone management service) back in 2007. Since acquisition, Google has rebuilt the service and even added on some sleek new upgrades to make the service incredibly appealing to corporate and consumer alike.

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Twitter – We’re being followed

Day 2 in our Twitter experiment and we’re already being followed by a fairly major entity: CampaignMonitor.

In all fairness, we started following them first – but who’s really counting. The real question lies in where the potential is for following and being followed.

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Twitter for business?

Here are Boomerang, we’re starting an experiment – Utilizing twitter to build our business. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will tweet and post on our findings, revelations, etc.

First Step: Create a twitter account and setup a profile. You can do the same by visiting

Second Step: Tweet (the act of updating your status, or sharing some information). We found it rather painless even if we weren’t sure why people would care what we were doing.

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Pho & Grill Site Launched

We designed, coded and launched Pho & Grill’s website in under 2 weeks – not shabby (at least we think so).  We’re looking forward to their authentic Vietnamese cusine when they open in a few weeks in Maryland.  Check out their site here, and let us know your thoughts.

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Four Brothers Website Launched

We’ve just launched the newly redesigned Four Brothers website last week.  The site was designed and coded by our team and then handed off to Chili Technologies who incorporated our work into a sitefinity backend.

Check it out here and let us know your thoughts.

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9 Tips for Online Success

I hear every excuse from small businesses as to why they aren’t online. Many find the process too daunting or too expensive to even try. And unfortunately, many of those that are online aren’t utilizing all the tools available to find any real benefits. The truth is, having an online presence is no longer expensive, time-consuming or too difficult for you and your business to do. It does, however, require a little planning and foresight. So, to help get you going, we’ve put together 9 tips to help ensure your success online.

9. Get a professional design.

Template sites are a quick and easy way to get online and announce to the world that you’re an amateur. If you want to be taken seriously by colleagues, clients and potential customers, you need to take your brand seriously. This includes your website. A professional, original design will not only set you apart from the competition but will also convey a persona of professionalism to everyone that visits.


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